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The Circle of Light: Spirituality Study Group   Wednesdays at 6:30 PM 2023

 ThisStudy Group will be in person at Cincinnati Unity Center and also online on Zoom with Barb Meyer and myself as facilitators

Circle of Light Spiritual Development Series | New Thought Unity Center (ntunity.org)

The first book we study will be    “Living Presence” by Helminski  (25 anniversary edition avilable on Amazon .   This is a link to the amazon book page

Living Presence (Revised): The Sufi Path to Mindfulness and the Essential Self: Helminski, Kabir Edmund: 9780143130130: Amazon.com: Books

Living Presence Notes

Living Presence  Summary, Spiritual Practices and Comparison

Chapter 7: Voluntary Attention

Chapter 8: Meditation Notes

Chapter 8: Barb’s Meditation Notes

additional handouts

David’s Mysticism Excerpt

Mysticism Affirmation

Meditation Group Meetings  1st and 3rd Sundays at New Thought Unity 12PM

Summary of 3 Great New Age Books

Meditation Instruction for Breath Awareness

Meditation Group Handout

Meditation Benefits and Divine Life

Evelyn Underhill Quotes

Here is a pdf you can download of the first book study we are doing

PDF version of Practical Mysticism by Evelyn Underhill (public domain)

Handout 11/9/22

Handout 11/16/22

Handout 11/25/22 (informal session)

Handout 12/7/22  (Discovering Your Divine Relationship)

Chapter Commentary and notes on Practical Mysticism

The Promise of Mysticism


Chapter 1: What is Mysticism?

Chapter 2: The World of Reality

Chapter 3: The Preparation of the Mystic

Chapter 4: Meditation and Recollection

Chapter 5: Self-Adjustment

Chapter 6: Love and Will

Chapter 7: The First Form of Contemplation

Chapter 8: The Second Form of Contemplation

 Chapter 9: The Third Form of Contemplation : Introduction Section

 Chapter 9: The Third Form of Contemplation

Chapter 10: The Mystical Life

First Contemplations Handout

Discovering Your Divine Relationship

Possible Choice for Book Study List

Pracitical Mysticism :  Synopsis and Summary (a work in progress)

Spirituality Group Feb 1 2023 Living Presence


Mysticism for the 21st Century (David McClanahan)

extras  —

Talk Nov 27

The Process

Closing Song

Let There Be Peace

Let There Be Peace (instrumental)

Let There Be Peace (mp3)

The Fine Arts (mp4)

Mysticism (mp4)

 Book Proposal The Fine Arts (video)

Book Proposal Mysticism (video)