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The Circle of Light: Spirituality Study Group Wednesdays at 6:30 PM 2023
ThisStudy Group will be in person at Cincinnati Unity Center and also online on Zoom with Barb Meyer and myself as facilitators
Circle of Light Spiritual Development Series | New Thought Unity Center (

The first book we study will be “Living Presence” by Helminski (25 anniversary edition avilable on Amazon . This is a link to the amazon book page

Living Presence (Revised): The Sufi Path to Mindfulness and the Essential Self: Helminski, Kabir Edmund: 9780143130130: Books

Living Presence Notes
Living Presence Summary, Spiritual Practices and Comparison

Chapter 7: Voluntary Attention

Chapter 8: Meditation Notes

Chapter 8: Barb’s Meditation Notes

additional handouts

David’s Mysticism Excerpt

Mysticism Affirmation and daily affirmations

Chapter 9: Notes

Chapter 9: Notes Part 2

Chapter 10: Care of the Soul

Barb’s Notes on Chapter 10: Care of the Soul

Chapter 11: Conscience

JULY 12 2023

Chapter 12: The Essential Self

Chapter 12:Barbs Notes

Chapter 13: Notes on Rumi

Chapter 13: Befriending the Ego Barbs Notes

Chapter 14: Polishing the Mirror of Awareness

Chapter 15: Listening Within

Chapter 16: Dance of Personality: David and Barbs Notes

Chapter 19: Faithfulness and Gracefulness

Chapter 19: Faithfulness and Gracefulness

Affirmation Practice

Sacred Quotes

Zen: The Great Way


Spiritual Planes and Consciousness

Meditation Group Meetings 1st and 3rd Sundays at New Thought Unity 12PM
Summary of 3 Great New Age Books

Meditation Instruction for Breath Awareness

Meditation Group Handout
Meditation Benefits and Divine Life

Evelyn Underhill Quotes

Here is a pdf you can download of the first book study we are doing

PDF version of Practical Mysticism by Evelyn Underhill (public domain)

Handout 11/9/22

Handout 11/16/22

Handout 11/25/22 (informal session)

Handout 12/7/22 (Discovering Your Divine Relationship)

Chapter Commentary and notes on Practical Mysticism
The Promise of Mysticism


Chapter 1: What is Mysticism?

Chapter 2: The World of Reality

Chapter 3: The Preparation of the Mystic

Chapter 4: Meditation and Recollection

Chapter 5: Self-Adjustment

Chapter 6: Love and Will

Chapter 7: The First Form of Contemplation

Chapter 8: The Second Form of Contemplation

Chapter 9: The Third Form of Contemplation : Introduction Section

Chapter 9: The Third Form of Contemplation

Chapter 10: The Mystical Life

First Contemplations Handout

Discovering Your Divine Relationship

Possible Choice for Book Study List

Pracitical Mysticism : Synopsis and Summary (a work in progress)

Spirituality Group Feb 1 2023 Living Presence